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Referral Policy:

Patients are seen by referral only. Referral can be made by phone, fax, or via online submission. Our Referral Coordinators are available on Monday-Friday 7:00am-6:00pm. Fax and Online referral submissions can be made during regular office hours or after hours. Once the referral is made, please advise the clients to contact our office at (256) 715-8389 to schedule their appointment.

If you would like to discuss the case with one of the surgeons, please notify the Referral Coordinator when the referral is made. At the time the referral is made, you will be given an estimate of possible costs to share with your client. Clients should be advised that this estimate is based on our experience with patients presenting with similar symptoms, but that the needs of individual patients may vary. A more specific estimate will be provided to your client during their office visit.

Please send all pertinent radiographs, laboratory work and a brief history with your client. If your client is unable to obtain these from you, please send it by fax (256) 808-3197 or mail. Alternatively, referring veterinarians can contact our office to send digital radiographs via email to If information is not available to the surgeon at the time of the office visit, assessment of the patient is compromised which may result in a delay of treatment.

Emergency Referrals:

Every effort is made by HVSE to accommodate emergency patients. However, in the event that it is not possible for us to see a case as an emergency, a surgeon will consult with you regarding interim care and/or alternative referral services.

Patient follow-up:

You will be contacted by the attending surgeon following the patient’s discharge. A summary letter and copies of pertinent laboratory work will be faxed or emailed to your office once treatment is completed.

If re-evaluation is necessary, determination of where the patient follow-up will occur, is based on the nature of the follow-up needed, your preference, and the preference of the client.

If a client is seeking re-evaluation of their pet at a later date for the same issues for which the initial referral was made, a new referral is not necessary. New issues, however, require your confirmation that you would like us to see the patient for this new problem.

Routine Healthcare:

Routine preventative healthcare is not provided by HVSE. Unless medical factors dictate otherwise, we request that all vaccinations be current prior to referral.

Telephone Consultations for Referring Veterinarians:

We will consult regarding any of your patients whether you are planning to refer the patient or not. One of our surgeons will try to return your call or respond to your email as quickly as possible. Calls are often returned late in the day, so, if you are calling about a situation you feel is an emergency, please advise us and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Consultations involving radiographs or other materials should be sent via email or mail by the referring veterinarians. Referring veterinarians can send digital radiographs by email to

While Orthopedic radiographs may be reviewed by HVSE as part of a case consultation, please keep in mind that our surgeons are not radiologists and cannot offer formal radiographic interpretation. Excellent radiographic interpretation services are widely available through online veterinary radiology groups.